Achiote Applications

colorante amarillo para alimentos: annatto

Also known as Annatto, this dye is extracted from achiote seeds and is one of the most popular natural coloring in the world due to its great performance in protein applications and great coloring power. Its color ranges from yellow to orange and its by-products include presentations in powder, liquid and oil suspension. Achiote applications include foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Nowadays, Annatto is used in many types of processed food as natural coloring to add color and enhance its appearance. Some of the dairy foods we consume contain this natural coloring.

There is a wide variety of applications, including for example:

  • Cheese: Annatto is mostly used in processed cheese, cream cheese and cheese sauce.
  • Margarine, mayonnaise, vegetable oils and oils.
  • Dairy products and meat sausages.
  • Bakery goods, pasta, processed cereals, snacks.
  • Ice cream, fruit juices, sauces, seasonings.
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Other general uses of these colorings include textile dyes and art paint.

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