Advantages of Natural Colorants

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The market is currently being influenced by a better informed population due to the ease of access to information. That is why there is more and more pressure to make the switch from synthetic colorants to natural colorants. The search for products with the highest amount of natural ingredients is increasing, and at IMBAREX we want to satisfy the needs of consumers by offering them our natural colorants.

Advantages according to the presentation offered by IMBAREX:


  • Coating characteristics usually found in synthetic pigments are achieved.
  • Without the use of high shear mixers or spray drying, dry products can be coated.
  • The color shades provided are intense and brilliant.


  • When they are of natural origin and oil-based, they provide color in fat-based systems.
  • It increases productivity and precision, avoiding the formulation of lumps and helping the color to be incorporated.
  • A wide variety of color shades are available.

Additional benefits:

  • Custom colors.
  • Variety of application options for natural colors.
  • Improved stability.
  • No impact on taste.

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