Advantages of natural food colors

why choose natural colorants instead of artificial ones for food

Food colorants are substances used to color foods. Although there are many types of synthetic colorants available, more and more companies are choosing to use natural colorants because of their health and environmental benefits.

Natural food colorants are obtained from plant sources, such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, but also can be obtained from some animal sources like the Cochineal, a south american little bug, used to produce carmine colorant. Some examples of natural colorants include:

  • Red: can be obtained from cochineal, beets, tomatoes and other red vegetables.
  • Orange: can be obtained from turmeric, carrots and other orange vegetables.
  • Green: can be obtained from chlorophyll in spinach, parsley and other green vegetables.
  • Blue: can be obtained from beets and blueberries, which are processed to obtain a blue-colored extract.
  • Purple: can be obtained from beets and some fruits, such as grapes and blueberries.

Natural colorants have many advantages over synthetic colorants for color foods. First of all, they are safer for health, as they do not contain artificial chemicals. In addition, they have no known side effects and are less likely to cause allergic reactions in children, making them the best alternative over synthetic colorants for consumption

In addition, natural dyes are more environmentally friendly, as they do not contain harmful chemicals. They are also more biodegradable and do not contain toxic residues that can contaminate soil or water.
In conclusion, natural colorants are a healthy and sustainable option to color foods and at the same time provide health and environmental benefits, which makes consumers increasingly demand these types of colorants.

At IMBAREX we have a wide portfolio of natural colorants perfect for its use in all types of products, foods and beverages. Contact us here so that our staff of advisors may help you choosing the right colorant for your product.



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