Annatto, the natural alternative to artificial colorants

Annatto dye is a natural compound obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree called Bixa orellana. This tree grows mainly in Latin America and is known for its fruit, annatto, which contains the seeds used to extract the colorant.

In the food industry, annatto is a very versatile colorant and is used to color a wide variety of products. The main active compound in annatto is bixin, a carotenoid that is responsible for giving annatto its characteristic yellow-orange color.

processed meats


In the meat industry, annatto is often used to give processed meats, such as frankfurters and sausages, a more appealing color. It can also be used to help preserve the color of fresh meat by preventing it from turning gray during storage.



Can be used as a natural food coloring in a variety of seasoning blends and other food products. It is typically added in the form of a powder which can be easily incorporated into seasonings and other formulations

banana candies


It is used as a natural food coloring in confectionary products such as candies, frostings, and icings. It can be used to give a yellow or orange color to these products, and it is often preferred over artificial food colorings because it is a natural ingredient.



It is often used as a natural food coloring in dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. When using annatto as a colorant in dairy products, it is typically added in the form of a powder or liquid, which can be easily mixed into the recipe

caramel pudding


It is widely used as a colorant in the bakery industry in products such as bread, cakes and pastries. It can be added in the form of powder or liquid.

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