Annatto: application in food

aplicación del Annatto en distintos productos alimenticios

Meats, cheese and beverages are just some of the products in which Annatto is used.

Annatto is one of the most requested natural colors worldwide, and it is extracted from the Bixa Orellana seeds. Its colors range from yellow to reddish orange, which is why it is used a lot in several end products from the food industry.

Its derivatives, bixin and norbixin – as powder, liquid and oil suspension – are usually used in beverages, dairy, meats, seasonings, sweets and bread. It can also be used in cheese, ice-creams, snacks, sauces, margarines, cereals, a great variety of pastries, among others.

In some markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, annatto, commonly known as achiote, is not only used for coloring but also for flavoring. This subproduct is made by grinding seeds, which in turn makes a paste that can be added directly to different dishes.

In Imbarex we have two varieties of annato: bixin and norbixin. Please contact our sales force for more information about our products and services.




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