Annatto coloring in food

colorante annatto en alimentos

Annatto or Achiote is a natural coloring that stands out mainly for being a natural way of providing color and flavor to food. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the null toxicity of Annatto for both human consumption and skin application. In fact, this is a very suitable substance for coloring all kinds of foods and drinks that have a yellow color, since its color ranges from yellow to orange and its derivatives include presentations in powder, liquid and oil suspension.

This substance, which is extracted from achiote seeds, is one of the most popular natural coloring in the world due to its great performance in protein applications and its great coloring power. It is commonly used in food that require a tone ranging from yellow to orange.

Nowadays, Annatto is found in many types of processed foods as a natural coloring for adding color, improving appearance and providing attractive colors to products. There is a lot of food we eat daily that contain this natural coloring.

For example, we can find Annatto in cheese, being mainly used in processed cheese, cream cheese and cheese sauce. Annatto coloring produces a range of yellow-orange colors in processed cheese, although these shades can be modified by combining them with other pigments.
Annatto can also be found in margarine, mayonnaise, vegetable oil and oil; providing that characteristic yellowish color. Besides, yogurt and other dairy beverages can be better colored with Annatto, particularly achieving a good stability in acidic pH conditions.

Other products that can also improve their colors are baked goods, pasta, processed cereals, and snacks. Depending on the processing methods, Annatto coloring stands out these products’ color. Snacks can be colored with Annatto oil. The ranges used vary depending on the desired color intensity, which ranges from yellow to orange. Even ice creams, fruit juices, sauces, and seasonings can be colored with water-soluble Annatto, which provides a yellow to orange color, preserving brightness and transparency, depending on the product.

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