Annatto in cheese

annatto in cheese

Annatto is a yellow/orange extract from Achiote tree, which is used mainly as food coloring. Although it is also found in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, its main usage is destined for the food industry. More specifically, we’ll talk about annatto in cheese.

This pigment is considered a great colorant because it has no synthetic compounds nor chemicals. Besides, as it is extracted from achiote seeds, it is vegan and kosher approved, which wide’s its segment in the market.

Annatto is most commonly used in dairy products, such as butter and yogurt, and most of all, cheese. Due to its orangey yellow coloring, annatto can give the perfect look to processed cheeses like cheddar. And because it has a strong stability, the pigments won’t be adulterated in the cooking process: nor by heat or by light.

Here’s a list of dairy products that use Annatto extract as a yellow colorant:

-Cheddar cheese

-Swiss cheese

-Butter and margarine

-Fruit yogurts (mango, peach, banana, pineapple, etc.)

-Processed snacks (cereal bars, chips, pretzels, etc.)

-Cakes and bakery products

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