Annatto in food

annatto in food

Mimolette, Leicester Red and Shropshire Blue. These are orange cheeses that are all colored with annatto. This is a somewhat mysterious ingredient that is added to various cheeses. There are rumors that annatto was initially introduced as a colorant in cheeses, being nowadays something more aesthetic than to disguise the quality of the milk used to make the cheese, being now of importance for the visual impact that is generated in consumers.

Annatto is not only used in cheeses, it is also used in different ways in the preparation of typical dishes in the Caribbean, Peru, Vietnam and the Philippines. Apart from being used in cooking and cheese production, it was formerly used as a sunscreen, insect repellent and for disorders such as heartburn, diarrhea, ulcers and skin problems. Today its main use is as a natural food coloring and for its flavor profile.

Compared to artificial food coloring, annatto offers antioxidants and has other benefits. That is why we recommend its use and we want you to have the ideal product for what you need, so by clicking on the following LINK, you can contact one of our representatives to receive personalized advice.



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