Annatto in food

annatto en alimentos

The natural coloring Annatto stands out as a natural way of providing color and flavor to food. It is extracted from achiote seeds and is one of the most popular natural coloring in the world due to its great performance in protein applications and great coloring power. Its color ranges from yellow to orange. Its by-products include presentations in powder, liquid and oil suspension.

Annatto is used as an additive for food that preserves food and drinks’ appearance and provides attractive colors to products. This natural coloring is commonly used in foods that require a tone between yellow and orange.

What foods is Annatto used in?

Annatto is mostly used in processed cheese, cream cheese and cheese sauce. Annatto colorings produce a range of yellow-orange colors in processed cheese, although these shades can be modified by combining other pigments.

  1. Margarine, mayonnaise, vegetable oils, and oils.

Bixin can provide an appropriate tone to margarine and mayonnaise, adding a bright touch to vegetable oil and kitchen oil. Different shades can be obtained by combining it with other pigments.

  1. Dairy products and meat sausages.

Yogurt and other dairy beverages can be better colored with Annatto, if the desired color of the final product is between yellow and orange, particularly achieving a good stability in acidic pH conditions. Also, it provides a flavored-type color or intensifies the natural meet color.

  1. Bakery goods, pasta, processed cereals, snacks.

Depending on the processing methods, Annatto natural coloring highlights these products’ color. Snacks can be colored with bixin oil. The ranges used vary depending on the desired color intensity, providing a butter yellow to reddish orange color, as that of Cheetos or Doritos.

  1. Ice cream, fruit juices, sauces, seasonings.

These foods can be colored with water-soluble annatto, which provides a yellow to orange color, preserving brightness and transparency, depending on the product.

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