Application of carmine in condiments

application of carmine in condiments

Among the most commonly used food colours for condiments and spices, we find carmine, curcumin, paprika and annatto. These additives are used to provide colour, complemented with the flavour of spices and dressings, to foods and preparations, ranging from red to orange and yellow tones.

For the most part, the colourings and seasonings are used in other products such as meats, sauces, preparations, etc. The type of colouring used for each use will depend on this. In seasonings for meat and sausages, red is the predominant colour.

At IMBAREX we offer cochineal carmine for these applications, in its different presentations and concentrations, such as water-soluble carmine, oil-soluble carmine, lacquer carmine, liquid carmine and our special line of carmine.

This dye of natural origin has excellent properties for this application since it has a great staining power, as well as easy application, long storage time and excellent stability to temperature and light.

For more yellow tones , used in curries or chicken seasonings, annatto is a great option. At IMBAREX you can find different extracts and by-products of annatto such as norbixin powder, liquid norbixin, annatto in oil suspension or bixin as options.

In short, at IMBAREX you can find all the natural dye solutions for different uses and shades.

Since 2000, IMBAREX has specialised in the development, production and manufacture of high quality natural dyes, following all international standards and regulations.

From our offices in Lima, Mexico, Sao Paulo and Barcelona we supply more than 50 customers on all continents.

We have extensive experience in development, consultancy, sales and after-sales service. For more information about this or other products please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.



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