Application of liquid carmine in processed meats

aplicacion del carmin liquido en carnes procesadas

Liquid Carmine gives a shade between violet and red in the final product, depending on product type, process and quantity used.

It can be applied in ice cream, sweets, desserts, meats, drinks, even cupcakes and seafood. Within meats, liquid carmine can adhere to beef, pork, among others. Want to easily understand how liquid carmine is applied to a sausage? Take a look at the simple process below:


1. The chopping is done, where the lean meat and fat are crushed separately in the grinder. This resulting ground pork is approximately 70% meat and 30% fat.

2. Then dissolve the dry base of the carmine with a little water. The most used liquid carmine is the Standard (3%), but may vary according to the preferences of the producer.

3. The ground meat is mixed with the liquid carmine and a maceration time is given to complement the salts, nitrates, among others.

4. Finally, the ready dough must be passed to the filler. Keep in mind that the process can vary according to the way of production of each company.



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