Applications and Characteristics of Annatto

Applications and Characteristics of Annatto

Annatto is used as a vegetable colorant in several common foods found in the market. Its purpose is to give them an orange or yellowish hue and to highlight their provocative appearance. Among the products that use it are cereals, sauces, dairy products, breads, margarines, oils, pastries, confectionery, ice cream, fruit preparations, etc.

Achiote or annatto has different health benefits, among them are the calcium levels it provides, which helps maintain strong bones and reduce the discomfort caused by degenerative diseases. It also has benefits for the skin and eyesight, keeping it healthy or rejuvenated. It also improves digestion, is diuretic, has antioxidants and is an antibacterial, being free of harmful microorganisms which can affect health and integrity.

This natural vegetable coloring is recognized by the amount of benefits it provides, so its use in food products is an attraction for today’s consumers who are looking for a responsible consumption that provides benefits in addition to food. That is why at IMBAREX we recommend a personalized consultation with one of our representatives by clicking on the following LINK, where based on your needs we will recommend the best product for you.



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