Benefits of using Natural Colorants in Food

Natural Food Colorants vs. Artificial Colorants

Among all the changes that the food industry has undergone in all these years, there is one change that stands out: the use of colorants in the production of various products, including sweets and their effect on children, who are their main consumers.
Many of the colorants used in products such as beverages, candies, chocolates, cereals, jams, among others, are of artificial origin. The main reason for the use of colorants in food is the attractiveness that certain colors generate in consumers.
As time goes by, more and more companies are starting to use natural colorants, leaving aside artificial colorants. The use of natural colorants attracts benefits beyond the visual ones, among which the following stand out:

  • They generally do not cause any type of allergic reaction.
  • Many of the natural dyes have medicinal properties that help the immune system.
  • As they are completely natural, they do not cause health problems due to prolonged consumption.

At IMBAREX we have a portfolio of natural colorants suitable for use in any type of food and beverage production. Contact us here to help you choose the right colorant for your product.

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