Bright future for natural red colorants

natural red colorants

Red, a color that can instantly enhance the visual appeal of sweets, beverages, and a range of products, is highly coveted for its ability to create striking visual experiences. Its applications are as diverse as its color spectrum, which extends to captivating shades of orange and violet when combined with other natural colorants. The demand for red color, especially natural red colorants, is not limited to one industry; it spans a wide array of sectors, from cosmetics to processed coffee.

In the culinary world, red color is a powerhouse that elevates the appearance of sweets, giving them an enticing and appetizing allure. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in alternative meat products, helping them mimic the appearance of traditional beef. Red colors are also favored for their alignment with the “clean label” movement, which emphasizes transparency and natural ingredients, meeting the demands of health-conscious consumers.

The appeal of red extends beyond the world of food. Rooted in human psychology, this color possesses the innate ability to capture attention and generate visual attraction. This phenomenon makes red a common sight across various industries. In cosmetics, it infuses vitality and allure into makeup and skincare products. In the world of processed coffees, it entices with its rich and robust tones, enticing coffee enthusiasts.

One specific red colorant that has garnered significant attention is carmine, derived from cochineal. Its versatility allows it to be employed across a wide spectrum of products available in the market, contributing to its high demand. Whether it’s enhancing the vibrancy of food or delivering vivid pigments to cosmetics, carmine has earned its place as a sought-after red natural colorant.

The allure and adaptability of red color continue to influence consumer choices and enhance the aesthetics of various products across different industries. Its ability to captivate the eye and align with the principles of clean labeling ensures that red remains a central figure in the world of colorants.

At IMBAREX we have carmine in different presentations suitable for any type of product that requires this colorant. Contact us here so we can advise you on the right colorant for your product.



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