Carmine color: its role in industry

Cochineal pigment-um-asoluçãoambientalmente-correta- indústria - Carmines color

Natural colorants are an increasingly popular choice for those consumers looking for healthier and more sustainable options in their food, beverages and beauty products. One of the best known natural dyes is carmine color, which is obtained from an insect called cochineal, vastly found in desert regions like those in South America and some parts of North America.

Carmine is a dark red dye colorant that has been used for centuries to dye food, beauty products and also for fabric dyes. Although it may seem unappetizing, carmine is completely safe and has been used in foods and beverages for a long time without showing health risks as do artificial colorants.

The process of obtaining carmine color is quite simple. Cochineal are collected, dehydrated and ground into a dark red powder. This powder is then mixed with water and filtered to obtain liquid carmine.

In addition to being completely natural and safe, carmine is also highly resistant to fading and light exposure making it a perfect fit for its application in several products, from food and beverages, cosmetic products and even pharmaceutical products.

It is important to highlight the big trend that the industries are experimenting in the world, everyday more and more companies are leaving away the use of synthetic colorants to replace them with natural colorants to satisfy consumer’s demand for more natural products and clean labels, moreover several researchs have shown that consumers are willing to pay more for natural products than those that use a lot of artificial additives, and Carmine is positionated as one of the best natural options for the market

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