Carmine color ranges


At Imbarex, with Carmine you may find shades ranging from pink to purple.

Extracted from the cochineal, carmine is the most important natural coloring in the food industry due to its stability to light and temperature. Its flexibility allows different variations in shades, ranging from pink to violet.

These variations are obtained during the manufacturing process (remember that there are different varieties such as Carmine Lake, Water-Soluble Carmine, Liquid Carmine and Carminic Acid), where additives such as aluminum and calcium can be added. The raw material quality of cochineal is also an important factor when defining the different range of colors.

Regarding Carmine Lake, we have the Standard shades (red-purple), RA Series (red-yellowish), HT Series (intense red) and CM Series (violet-purple). As for the Water-soluble Carmine, we have Standard shades (red-purple), HA Series (red-yellowish) and HB Series (red-blue).

The above-mentioned color ranges are also offered in liquid presentations and oil suspensions (OS), while in the case of the Carminic Acid, the obtained variations range from red (AMD Series) to orange and violet (Standard). Should you require more technical details on our carmine shades, you can visit us here.

For Imbarex, it is very important to provide solutions according to the specific needs of each of our customers. For this reason, we offer you the possibility to order – upon previous request – specific color shades. Do you need carmine in any particular color? Contact our sales force.



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