Carmine Color

carmin colorante natural

IMBAREX natural colors is a leading Peruvian company in the production of natural colorants. Since the beginning of its operations, IMBAREX seeks to produce high quality natural colorants giving an added value to the raw materials from Peru.

IMBAREX as a supplier of natural colors specializes in the development, production and elaboration of high quality natural colorants following all international standards and norms.

Red food colorants used in the food industry are necessary for multiple applications. There are many synthetic alternatives that were developed in laboratories for different applications such as E122 or E124. However, none of these red colors offer the advantages of E120 carmine color.

This is a natural color obtained from the aqueous extraction of cochineal which is offered in multiple presentations and shades.

The water-soluble carmine at 50% is one of the most used variants and this is a powdered colorant, water-soluble, that is applied mainly for the production of food such as mixtures of condiments and sausages.

Liquid carmine is offered in concentrations ranging from 3 to 10%. This is a dark colored solution that is also obtained by aqueous extraction from the cochineal and is applied mainly in the production of sweets and candies.

We invite you to visit our web page where you will not only find information about these products but you will also be able to learn about other variants of cochineal carmine such as carminic acid, lacquer carmine and purple carmine.

Imbarex is a supplier of natural colors with international presence, we have offices in Mexico City, Barcelona and Sao Paulo in Brazil, where we keep a wide stock of our products for local distribution and from where we also distribute our products to more than 50 countries worldwide for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

For more information about our natural colors please contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.



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