Carmine for Desserts

carmine for desserts

In baking, there is a wide variety of products and styles of sweets and desserts that are shown off with a combination of flavor, design and color. For that reason, we can also find a great variety of ingredients that go according to the needs of each product and dessert, according to its texture, preparation and final presentation.

One of the most important ingredients are the colorings, which are in charge of providing the “visual flavor” of the dessert. In edible products, especially in desserts and sweets, the color is almost as important as the taste, since it is the first thing that calls the attention of the consumer. Therefore, there are different applications of colorants according to their use: in powder, gel, liquid, etc.

Carmine is a great colorant to use in confectionery products, cookies, buns, etc., since, in addition to providing a unique color quality, it is stable to heat, light and different pH levels, so it can be baked, exposed to sunlight or mixed with other compounds without major fear that it can vary its color or composition.

Powdered carmine, for example, is not used to dye doughs, but rather to be applied directly to glazes to give different shades of violet or red. Paste carmine is more commonly used for dyeing doughs, as it adheres better to doughs and works better with oil products. At the same time, liquid carmine has a better application on surfaces such as chocolates, pastries, nougats, etc., since it does not directly dye the surface, but rather colours it on the outside.

At IMBAREX, we not only produce cochineal carmine, but a whole range of dyes and natural products for processing foods such as dairy products, meats, sweets, ice cream, cakes, juices, drinks, etc. Among our most popular colorants, we highlight the already mentioned carmine, annatto, curcumin, paprika, chlorophyll, among others.

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