Carmine: excellent natural colorant

carmine excellent natural colorant

What is old becomes new again. And that is how cochineal color is used in a large number of industries today, being most commonly used in food, beverages, cosmetics and pet food. Its primary component is carminic acid, which is available in two different forms: Cochineal extract, which is a water-soluble extract and carmine which is obtained through a lacquering process.

These two are excellent food colorants of natural origin. Since they have optimum stability to heat, light and acidity, they offer a wide range of shades for a variety of applications.

In terms of efficiency, color extracted from cochineal and carmine are among the best contenders for natural colors, especially because of their cost advantage in use. However there is a drawback, as cochineal color is not considered Kosher or Halal, so it comes from an insect. These being an emerging food trend and constantly growing. Over time, the generation of color from insects will be more accepted, which should make industries more alert to change their synthetic dyes for natural ones, seeing how the global trend is moving.

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