Carmine for Food Industries

colorante carmin en la industria alimentaria

As we already know, carmine is one of the oldest natural colorants, which is obtained from carminic acid produced by cochineal. It is used as a pigment or as a natural colorant or additive in foods, medicines and cosmetics. This colorant has the FD&C classification of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and is included in the list of additives of the European Economic Community (current European Union) under the parameters of permitted toxicity -Ingesta Diaria Admitida IDA-.

Carmine is probably the natural colorant with the best technological characteristics among the natural ones. It is widely used in the food industry as it adds a very pleasant red colour to food. Therefore, it can be used for any food that needs to enhance its natural red, or must be dyed red to give it a more attractive and striking color.

In general, it is used in any food product that must have a strawberry red hue, such as hamburgers, sausages (chorizos), crab sticks, fish and seafood substitutes. The color carmine is also used for alcoholic beverages (Campari type), non-alcoholic beverages such as fruit juices, powdered soft drinks and energizers. The Colorant Carmín is also used for jellies, jams, cherries, powdered soups, etc..

Even the natural colouring Carmine can be used in strawberry-flavoured dairy products (yogurts and milkshakes) and can also appear in sweets, syrups, sweets and chewing gum. This is actually one of the most widely used natural colours in the food industry.

In Imbarex we have 4 types of Carmine, and depending on what you want to get as a result, we will recommend the use of each of them.

For example, IMBAREX Caminic Acid can be applied in ice cream, bakery products, pastries, desserts, drinks and other food products in the aqueous phase that require an orange or red tonality in the final product. The water-soluble Carmín IMBAREX, on the other hand, provides a shade between violet and red, which is why we recommend using this colorant for products such as ice cream, cakes, sweets, snacks, soups, desserts, meats, and other products.

IMBAREX Liquid Carmine, which gives a red to pink color, is applicable in ice cream, pastries, candies, snacks, soups, desserts, meats and other products. And the liquid Carmín IMBAREX provides a tone between violet and red in the final product, we recommend to apply it in ice creams, cakes, sweets, desserts, meats, drinks and other food products.

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