Carmine in the meat industry

carmin en la industria carrnica

Natural colorings are used to improve the appearance of products and attract consumers; as the quote says “first impressions last”, and color is one of the main characteristics for food preference. In addition, natural coloring is usually an option partly due to consumers’ concern regarding artificial coloring.

Carmine is one of the most widely used natural colorings in food industry, and also the most popular in the meat industry; it is used to enhance the natural red color of meat, sausages, and lunch meats elaborated with poultry meat and also meat-flavored condiments commonly used in daily kitchen.

Carmine is one of the most viable options to get the desired appearance, and although IMBAREX has 4 types of Carmine, we only recommend the use of 3 types of Carmine depending on the product and desired final result:

– Carmine Laca: It provides a tone between red and pink, depending on the product, coloring process, and amount used. This can be used in meat or lunchmeats, such as sausages.

– Water-Soluble Carmine: It provides a tone between violet and red to the final product. This also depends on the type of product, process and amount used. We recommend its use in meats requiring a deep red appearance, such as chorizo and other types of sausages.

– Liquid Carmine: It provides a tone between violet and red to the final product, depending on the type of product, process, and amount used. We also recommend its use in meats and lunchmeats, depending on the desired final appearance.

In IMBAREX, all options have been elaborated for different types of lunchmeats depending on whether the product is going to be subjected to cooking temperature, if it is going to be emulsified, or if it is only going to be a lunchmeat made of fresh meat mixed with spices and additives.

For more information about these and other colorants please contact us at the following link.

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