Carmine natural pigment

pigmento natural

When Carmine is mentioned, one automatically thinks of crimson red, which is the passion red that some cosmetics wear, such as lipsticks, for example. However, different colours or varieties of tones can be obtained from Carmín because Carmín is a versatile natural dye that adds a lot of value to different industries such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

In the pharmaceutical industry it is used, for example, for the preparation of tablets, toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc. While in the Cosmetics Industry it is used in lipsticks, facial powders, eye pencils, etc. And in the Food Industry, which we have already touched extensively, it is used to colour sausages, drinks, sweets, sweets, dairy products, etc.

The flexibility of this product is what allows to obtain different specialties that provide a wide range of colors ranging from pink to violet, and the ease of application makes it one of the most popular colorants in the industry.

The colors that can be obtained will depend on the category of carmine used. Let’s remember that there are 4 types of Carmine: Lacquer Carmine, Liquid Carmine, Hydrosoluble Carmine and Carminic Acid.

From Liquid Carmine, which is an alkaline solution of aluminum lacquer of carminic acid, a range of color from red to purple is obtained. It can be applied in beverages, meats, sweets, cosmetics, dairy products, confectionery and pharmaceuticals. Lake Carmine, on the other hand, which is an intense red powder, produces an intense violet/purple colour and also an intense red in solutions. It is common to apply it in meat as sausages, in seasonings, in sweets as in ice cream for example and pastries.

Carmín Hidrosoluble, which is a fine dark powder of aluminum lacquer of carminic acid dried by atomization in an alkaline environment, gives a color tone of red to purple to the product that uses it. It can be applied in drinks such as juices, in cosmetics, in dairy products such as yoghurts, in seasonings, in sweets, pastries and pharmaceutical products.

While Carminic Acid, which is a fine powder of dark reddish brown, a solution of intense color is obtained that goes from orange to violet. It can be applied in beverages, sweets, cosmetics, dairy and pharmaceutical products.

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