Carmine for sausages and dairy products in Mexico

colorantes para embutidos y lácteos en México

IMBAREX Natural Colorants, besides having offices in Barcelona and Sao Paulo, has a branch in Mexico, being one of the most important ones as it is in charge of all the distribution in North America.

IMBAREX Mexico has a warehouse for the stock produced in our plant in Peru and administrative offices in charge of sales in the area, such as Mexico City, Jalisco, Monterrey and Veracruz, cities with high demand for products such as liquid carmine and liquid norbixin.

The Mexican market for food colorants and dyes is quite focused on meat products, such as sausages, salamis, hams, chorizo, etc., and dairy products, such as yogurts, cheeses, butter, etc.
At our Mexican headquarters, we always maintain a wide stock in variety and size of all our products. Although the most demanded product in the Mexican market is the liquid carmine, since it can be applied in meats to give a reddish shade and in dairy products for fruity yogurts, there are other products, such as water-soluble carmine, which are also very required in sausages and pulps.

On the other hand, liquid norbixin is widely used in yogurts, butter and cheeses, to apply more yellow or orange tones. Liquid norbixin is a great application in dairy products, as it mixes very well with fatty and oily products.

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