Carmine types: Carmine Lake

tipos de carmin: carmín laca

As referred to in other articles, the Carmine‘s adaptability allows to obtain different specialties that provide a wide range of colors from pink to violet and the ease of its application makes it one of the most popular dyes in the industry.

Carmine Lake is one out of the 4 types of Carmine; it is a deep red powder, made of lacquered aluminum and carminic acid, and is soluble in alkaline solutions. It is obtained by aqueous extraction of cochineal color, followed by a drying and grinding process. It provides an deep red color solution.

Carmine Lake is used in ice cream, pastries, sweets, snacks, soups, desserts, meats and other products. It gives a shade of red to pink, depending on the product, coloring process and quantity used.

Carmine Lake IMBAREX is diluted by using soft water and Sodium Hydroxide at room temperature. It must be stirred constantly when adding the powder. After filtering, Propylene Glycol (5%), Glycerin (5%), Ethyl Alcohol (7%), and Potassium Hydroxide (or Ammonium Hydroxide) shall be added until the pH reaches 11-11.5.

We recommend storing it in a dry and ventilated, cool area (15 ° C – 25 ° C), and in an appropriate container, sealed or closed. If the product is stored according to the above mentioned instructions, it will have a 2 years useful time.

IMBAREX Carmine Lake fully complies with the identity and purity specifications issued by JECFA, together with the EU Regulation 231/2012 / EC, with corrections issued for the E120, and with the current legislation described in section 21 CFR 73.100.

United States do not require any certification; The dye can be used to the extent required, as long as it is consistent with to Good Manufacturing Practices. This product is not a GMO, and no GMO ingredient is present or has been used during its production.

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