Cochineal-based Carmine Colorant

cochineal-based carmine colorant

One of the most widely used dyes in the food industry is carmine, obtained from cochineal. This is native to Latin America and lives in cacti. Peru is the first producer and exporter of this natural colorant.

Carmine is added to various products, such as yogurt, ice cream, meats, beverages, donuts, etc. It is also used in the cosmetics industry for lipstick. The reasons why carmine is used so much to give color to different products is because of its stability, its long duration and also because its color is not affected by heat or light. It is also much healthier than its direct competitor, the artificial alternative red 40, which is produced from coal or petroleum derivatives.

This natural colorant can be found on product labels under the name “four natural reds” or E120. Its red color comes from carminic acid which is the defense mechanism of mealybugs against predators. One would think that this is an industry that is in decline, but the truth is that demand is increasing and as supply is finite, since increasing production is difficult, the price has risen in recent years.

Its use and acceptance is increasing, so we invite you to receive personalized advice from one of our representatives by clicking on the following LINK.



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