Color as the main attraction in the pet food industry

comida para mascotas libre de colorantes artificiales

When one is in the process of searching for pet food and snacks, color is often the number one characteristic that consumers rely on to form an opinion on what it will taste like for their pet. This is because people tend to be guided a lot by the visual when it comes to forming opinions about products.
Having a visually attractive product increases the perception not only of the flavor, but also of the general quality of the product, some colors provide a “premium” perception while others generate a more natural perception. For example, if spinach or red meat are viewed as essential foods, consumers expect to see these colors, green and red, represented in their pet food.
In addition to color, more and more those responsible for purchasing pet food are demanding the use of natural products, leaving aside foods that contain additives known to be harmful when consumed, such as tartrazine.
For this reason, more and more of the leading brands in the global pet food market are innovating their product lines by replacing synthetic colorants with natural colorants.
At IMBAREX we have the natural colors most used by this industry. Contact us here and our group of experts will be able to help you get the right color for your product.

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