Color options are increasing its demand

color options are increasing its demand

When thinking about using natural colors in baked goods and snacks, it’s easy to get hung up on the limitations these additives have compared to their synthetic counterparts. In some ways, it’s true. These ingredients — which aren’t labeled as natural at all — need to be formulated with care to ensure stability and vibrancy. These colors are often extracted from plant sources like paprika, turmeric, beet, sweet potato, radish, red cabbage, spirulina, annatto, caramel, carrots and beta-carotene. Each comes with its own pH, moisture and sugar content, and even flavors and odors.

While many food colors can become muted because of low heat tolerance or light sensitivity, a multitude of options allow bakers to find one that works for their application.

Finding that appropriate color source requires understanding the application’s needs from processing to display as well as the different natural options available.

IMBAREX Natural Colors offers the best options for the food colors industry, many of them are actually using Carmine for different types of red colors. 

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