Carmine Dyes

colorantes naturales

Carmine is associated with the red crimson-type color, however different varieties of hues are obtained from the Cochineal Carmine, since it is a versatile product of great value for many industries such as Pharmaceutical, which uses it for preparing tablets, toothpaste, mouth rinses, etc. Cosmetic Industry uses it in lipsticks, face powders, eyeliners, etc. and Food Industry uses it to color sausages, beverages, candies, etc.

Adaptability of this product allows to obtain different specialties that provide a wide range of colors ranging from pink to violet, and the ease of its application makes it one of the most popular dyes in the industry.

Tone variation will depend on the category used:

Carmine Laca IMBAREX is a deep red powder that provides a deep violet/purple and deer red color to solutions. It is common to apply it in meat as sausages, seasonings, sweets as ice cream and pastry.

Water-soluble Carmine IMBAREX is a fine dark powder of aluminum lacquer of carminic acid spray-dried in an alkali environment that provides a range of color from red to purple. It is used in beverages such as juices, cosmetics, dairy products such as yoghurts, seasonings, sweets, pastries, pharmaceutical products.

Liquid Carmine IMBAREX is an alkaline solution of Aluminium Lacquer of Carminic Acid that provides a range of color from red to purple. Possible application in beverages, meats, sweets, cosmetics, dairy products, pastries and pharmaceuticals.

Carmine Acid IMBAREX is a dark red brown fine powder, obtained from pure Carminic Acid (protein-free) that can be used throughout the pH range. It provides a deep-color solution ranging from orange to violet. It can be applied in beverages, sweets, cosmetics, dairy and pharmaceutical products.

Therefore, the range of colors that can be obtained from Carmine goes far beyond just a crimson red.

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