Colorant Mixes

mezclas de colorantes

In the food industry the supply chain is one of the most important factors. Behind a single product, there are dozens of ingredients from different origins that must be available for use in the producer’s plant, always keeping them fresh, suitable for use and respecting quality standards.

This is why there are companies that are dedicated to providing solutions to food producers themselves. These are dedicated to creating specialized compounds and additives specifically created at the request of the producer.

A clear example of this system is a sausage factory. Within the supply chain of such a company we find meat suppliers, sausage packaging suppliers and suppliers of colouring and seasoning blends among others.

Suppliers of colouring and seasoning blends are companies that are exclusively dedicated to producing blends containing natural ingredients, herbs, spices, colourings, flavourings and preservatives and must generally follow specific recipes according to the factories’ instructions.

This is how these companies manage to ensure an efficient supply chain, reducing time, effort and cost.

IMBAREX offers these companies high quality natural dyes with a varied color palette and following international standards. We currently supply to more than 50 companies in all continents and we have a vast experience in consulting, laboratory, sales and post-sales services. For more information contact one of our sales representatives at the following link.




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