Dyes for sweets industry

dyes for sweets industry

The candies, in addition to presenting an exquisite flavor, have the need to look attractive, aesthetic, striking. Therefore, in addition to taste and shape, they need to attract attention through color.

Food colorants are widely used in these products, since they are responsible for attracting the consumer and transmitting the message of taste, through sight. The role of these dyes in candies, dummies, ice cream, chocolates, sweets, cereals and so on, is very important. It has been proven by several studies that the better the food looks, the better the response from consumers. Therefore, we must be aware of those healthy colours and those that are harmful.

Some of the dyes for sweets, within the segment of the natural ones, more used in this industry are:
– E160 (annatto, paprika, beta carotene) – Shades of yellow to red
– E120 (carmine) – Shades of red to violet
– Chlorophylls – Green Shades

These additives have an animal or vegetable origin, a much healthier solution compared to their synthetic counterparts, as they are:
– Red 40
– Sodium benzoate
– Tartrazine
– Carmosisine
– Amaranth

These dyes have an artificial composition that is linked to many problems of hypertension, hyperactivity, concentration and even cancer problems.

At IMBAREX Natural Dyes we only work with natural dyes such as cochineal carmine, annatto extract, curcumin, paprika, chlorophyll, among others. If you want to know more about us and our products, click here.



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