Colorants for Aromas

colorantes para aromas

Aromas are products, which are used in the food industry, to give a food a characteristic odour and/or taste.  There are more than 10,000 identified aromas in nature, however only about a quarter are intended for production. There are also artificially produced flavourings.

The colorants for aromas, are dyes of synthetic or natural origin that are used to give the aromas a visual identity that is consistent with the smell and / or taste that transmits. Thus citrus flavors for example will have a yellow or green coloring while odors and flavors derived from fruits such as raspberry, cherry etc. will have a reddish coloring.

An excellent natural colorant for aromas is cochineal carmine. This dye for aromas of natural origin, has a variety of shades from pink to dark purple. It has excellent colour stability and a long shelf life.

At IMBAREX, we are proud to produce natural colorants of the highest quality such as Cochineal Carmine, Anatto, Paprika, Curcumina, Colorofila among others. Our products are successfully used for the production of aromas, flavors, seasonings, meat products, candies, pulps, pharmaceutical products among others.

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