Coloring process in confectionery based on natural dyes

proceso de coloración en confitería a base de colorantes naturales

I believe that there is no person in the world who has not eaten candy. There are four main types of confectionery products. We have the milk-based confectionery products, the hard candies, the chocolate candies and the floor candies. All of them use colorants to generate a visual appeal, which is improved by using a natural colorant, which not only provides a visual appeal, but also a benefit to the consumer, taking into account that the main consumers are children.

The candies go through an elaboration process in which a batch cooking is carried out, making a mixture at a desired temperature, being this the most important thing, since if it is not well defined it can generate direct problems in the final concentration of sugar and in the moisture content. Placing the natural colorants when the caramel is still in liquid form, in order to prevent them from leaking into the following batches.

As we know confectionery products are mostly consumed by children, so the use of natural dyes is of utmost importance, being better for health than artificial ones, which also generate an attraction for consumption, but also the use of bright colors that generate a visual appeal is of utmost importance, which is why several reasons encompass the benefits of its use.

For more information about a correct application of natural colorants in confectionery, please contact one of our representatives through the following LINK, where you will receive a personalized advice based on your needs.



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