Colors for Cookie Fillings

colorantes para rellenos de galletas

Cookies are sweet or savory foods usually made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. They are usually baked and eaten as both snacks and desserts.

Many times cookies contain other ingredients such as cereals, raisins, nuts, chocolate, flavors such as vanilla, amaranth and coconut among many others.

Cookies are foods that are commonly baked in the home but are also consumed in large quantities in industrial cookies. They come in different presentations that vary according to their shape, flavor and color.

One of the most common presentations are cookies with color fillings or cookies dipped in sweet toppings. These fillings and toppings are usually made with candy or cream that tastes like chocolate or fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries.

At IMBAREX we offer different colors for cookie fillings such as cochineal carmine which will allow you to achieve the perfect color for your product in a range of colors from pink to violet.

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