Colors for Juice and Beverages

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Many times the manufacturers of artificial juices and carbonated and sport drinks make use of natural or artificial colors to give their products the desired coloring. This is a very important topic to consider since the consumption of this types of products has been increasing in the last years. As concerns over the content and ingredients of our food start to rise it is important to know how the beverages that we drink are produced.

In general, artificial juices use colorants that is similar to the color of natural juice while carbonated and sports drinks use a variety of colorants that many times can only be achieved with artificial blue or yellow colors.

However, ideally, natural colors alternatives will always be used or chosen since it is widely documented that they are healthier and have greater nutritional value than their artificial alternatives.

One of the most commonly used colors for production of drinks and juices that have a red or violet color such as strawberry juice, raspberry juice or carbonated and sports drinks is cochineal carmine.

This natural color that comes from the cochineal, is ideal to apply in juices and drinks since it is extremely easy to use and also has a great tinting power.  It also performs excellently in a wide range of pH that often according to the application can be alkaline, acid or neutral which also influences the color.

Another benefit of carmine is its long storage time and the stability of the colorant to light and temperature.

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