Colours in beverages play an important role

colours in beverages play an important role

The word “taste” refers to what is detected on our taste buds, but consumers’ perception of taste goes beyond that. Our brain, making use of all our senses, interprets the drink and arrives at a decision as to whether it is to our liking or not.

In beverages, colour plays a predominant role in establishing the consumer’s taste expectations prior to tasting. The colour must match the consumer’s reference for what the taste will be. Brighter colours will be preferred by consumers in beverages associated with a better and sweeter taste.

With the growing popularity of carbonated beverages, we are seeing a wave of interest in natural colour-based emulsions. Given the correlation of colour and taste in purchase intent, developers should definitely not sacrifice colour performance in formulation. These emulsions allow developers to achieve natural colour shades that were previously unattainable.

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