Creative Colors in cookies innovation

creative colours on the rise in cookies innovation

To cope with the impact of the coronavirus and home lifestyles, consumers turned to nostalgic treats, which drove packaged cookie sales last year, this increment in the consumption of cookies have bring a totally new area of focus in this industry: creative colors in cookies innovation

Not only did consumers buy packaged cookies, which make up the majority of cookie sales, but they also drove triple-digit growth in frozen cookie dough sales.

Consumers are looking for nostalgic products with different flavors and combinations, and cookie companies have taken that message loud and clear. Established producers have been busy innovating their iconic brands, creating cookies that resonate and stimulate growth.

This return to more “real” ingredients also fits perfectly with the trend toward a return to comfort foods like cookies, and this continued in 2021.

Most consumers were looking for nostalgic comfort foods to cope with the pandemic and stress, but those who always consume colorful cookies that conveyed no emotion did not stop this eating behavior. These innate food preferences will continue to advance.

Consumers are now looking for colours and fillings that are much more exciting and encourage them to discover new experiences.

At IMBAREX we create the best colors for cookie fillings from red to intense yellow colors.

Source: Food Business News



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