Different Applications of Natural Colorants

different applications of natural colorants

Natural food colors are obtained from different sources, such as fruits, vegetables, minerals, plants and other natural sources that can give color when added to food or beverages. They give foods and beverages an attractive appearance.

The most popular foods to which a natural colorant is commonly applied are:

Chocolate: it is applied in both white and brown chocolate. It can also be used for chocolate coating. These natural colorants are very beneficial to health, and do not cause side effects in consumers. That is why we recommend that when buying chocolates you make sure that they contain only natural colorants.

Beverages: Many contain natural colorants. And we can find these colorants in powder as well as in liquid form for beverages. Some last longer than the synthetic ones, thus increasing the shelf life of the beverages. These natural colorants do not affect the flavor of the beverage and contribute to health.

Ice cream: The natural colorant is used in the coating and filling of ice cream, making the ice cream look more delicious. In this application it also acts as a preservative, and a wide range of shades is available for ice cream of all types. The desired color can be obtained to generate the attractiveness that the customer wants.

Frozen foods: Nowadays, natural food colorants are also used in frozen foods to increase their longevity. They have many benefits in the application to these foods, and can make you stronger and healthier without causing any harmful effects on the body.

As we have been able to see these are some of the main applications of natural colorants in food. If you need to apply natural colorants in your food products, contact one of our representatives through the following LINK and you will receive a personalized advice for what you need.



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