Documents we offer for our products dispatch

documentos de despacho de productos imbarex

At Imbarex, we provide the appropriate documents for the correct dispatching to our clients.

Customs all over the world have different requirements according to the regulations established in each country. We have more than 20 years working with clients from more than 50 countries around the world, which gives us the necessary experience and knowledge to comply with all requirements in customs procedures.

Our clients require many documents for the delivery of their products, and the dispatch order changes depending on the transportation, type of product, customs restrictions -specific to each country-, number of packages involved in the operation, among other factors. Commercial invoices (the most important document of an export operation), packing lists (control document that details the packages or boxes that make up the dispatch), Bills of Lading -maritime shipment- and Airway Bills -air shipment- are some of the documents that contain logistic information about our dispatches. Safety sheets, certificates of origin and analysis, are also some additional requirements that our company emits to clients, ensuring the delivery of their shipment.

Other important documents are health certificates of DIGESA (the General Directorate of Environmental Health in Peru) and free sale certificates for food products. Our clients can request additional documents directly with our sales representatives during the negotiation and purchasing process.

If you have a question about any particular documents that you might need in order to acquire our products, feel free to CONTACT US at any time. Our sales force will offer the necessary support to resolve your concerns and doubts, ensuring security and satisfaction about the proper functioning of our service.



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