Dyes and Pigments for Sausages

colorantes y pigmentos para embutidos

Currently the food industry is using food colorants with the purpose of modifying consumer preferences since color is one of the main attributes for food preference.
Preferably companies will opt for natural colours because of consumer concerns about artificial colours.

Therefore, given the wide variety of food products that require coloring to improve their visual appearance or to standardize the color of the finished product, a variety of natural colors have been developed for this purpose such as cochineal carmine and paprika oleoresin.

These natural colours are found in sausage products such as hams, sausages, chorizos, black puddings, processed meats, salamis, pâtés, chistorras, butifarras, cold cuts, sausages, etc. All these processed meat products have in their manufacturing process, the addition of colorants and additives that give unique properties to the meat.

The difference between these different presentations is their application, color concentration and alkaline stability. In this way, a greater variety is obtained in the range of colour required for different products, providing more reddish or more orange and even more violet tones, depending on the case of each type of meat.

In IMBAREX all options have been formulated for different types of sausages depending on whether the product is going to be submitted to cooking temperature or if it is going to be emulsified or if it is only going to be stuffed as fresh meat mixed with spices and additives. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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