Dyes for fruit concentrates and sauces

colorantes para concentrados de frutas y salsas

Fruit and sauce concentrates are basically fruit and vegetable-based pastes that are intended to give flavour and colour to other preparations such as ice cream, dressings, juices, drinks, packaging, desserts, etc. In general, these concentrates and sauces are natural, since not much more than the puree of the raw material is added, however, in some cases certain additives are added so that it does not lose its texture, colour, smell and taste.

In these cases, the colorants play an important role, since they provide a striking and stable color, which, in the case of the fruit, is lost after a while or when it is subjected to changes in temperature, light and imbalances in the pH of the preparation. Therefore, natural colorants provide stability in the visual aspect of purees and sauces without compromising their flavor or composition.

At IMBAREX, we produce, manufacture and distribute dyes for fruit concentrates and sauces and other industries in more than 50 countries. Our most commonly used colorants for this category are
-Carmine: extracted from the cochineal with a colour range from violet to red.
-Annatto extract: from a vegetable source, annatto allows a colour range from orange to yellow.
-Curcumin: vegetable product with an orange tint.
-Paprika oleoresin: extracted from paprika, with an orange colour range

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