Dyes in Food Seasonings

dyes in food seasonings

Dressings and condiments play a very important role in food. Their aim is to improve the flavours, the colour and also the smell of our preparations. That is why there are companies in the industry dedicated to the production of seasonings for food.

These seasonings usually contain products, which help to enhance certain flavors, preservatives, which prolong the life of the products and dyes, which help to visually enhance the product and the preparations and give them unique and striking colors.

Ideally, the origin of these Dyes should be natural, however, many times the industry resorts to the input of artificial products, created with a purpose or characteristic in mind that cannot be achieved with natural resources. Even so, in some cases the natural origin alternatives have better nutritional values, color and texture. This is why companies and also consumers prefer products of natural origin.

One of the most important colorants in the meat product seasoning mix industry is cochineal carmine. Its natural origin, variety of shades, color stability and shelf life make it an excellent colorant for the production of products such as sausages, salami, chorizo among others.

At IMBAREX, we are proud to produce natural colorants of the highest quality such as Cochineal Carmine, Anatto, Paprika, Curcumina, Colorofila among others. Our products are successfully used for the production of flavors, seasonings, meat, dairy, candy, pulp and other products.

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