E-160b coloring: uses


E-160b, regionally called achiote extract, is a natural coloring frequently used in food.

Bixa Orellana, a tree native from Andean countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and other tropical regions of Central America, produces seeds giving rise to a red-brown natural dye. This additive is divided in 3 parts: Annatto (raw extract), Bixin (oil-soluble form), and Norbixin (water-soluble form).

Bixin is known as E-160b in the food industry. It is used in butter, margarine, breakfast cereals, snacks, ice cream, smoked fish, cheese, sausage, among other food products.

E-160b has been used in Europe for more than two hundred years in products like the English Red Leicester cheese (similar to Cheddar) and the French Mimolette cheese, helping them to acquire such typical orange color. According to data provided by Mintel, a market intelligence agency, this natural colorant has been included in the labelling of more than 4,500 food products, beverages and supplements from 2011 to 2015 in the European continent.

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