E120 Carmine: food industry applications


E120 carmine is a natural coloring used to enhance the appearance of a wide variety of food products.

Known as one of the most popular colorings in the food industry, E120 provides different tones of crimson, ranging from pink to purple. The application of this color extends to meats, sweets, dairy and other products to enhance their natural color.

This cochineal-based coloring is commonly applied in animal source products, such as meat, since their typical pink and red colors make them unattractive to consumers. This dye is also applied to meat products such as sausages, chicken, pork products, pre-cooked hamburger meat, among others containing this coloring as an ingredient.

In addition, this natural coloring can be found in everyday products: jams, jellies, syrups, gummies, industrial cakes, vegetable preserves, and ice creams. It is also used in dairy products, like strawberry or red fruit yogurts, as well as in drinks like soda, fruit juices, energy drinks, powdered drinks, rehydration drinks, and even alcoholic beverages, such as Campari.

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