Europe demands natural snacks

colorantes naturales en gomitas y snacks de fruta cada vez mas atractivos

The European snack market is estimated at over fourteen billion euros and growing. A recent research on European consumer purchasing habits showed that two thirds buy snacks at least once a week and 11% consume snacks several times a day.
Among all the conclusions drawn from the research, the importance of the use of natural colorants in the European consumer stands out. More than a third of people expressed their concern to buy products that do not use synthetic colorants, a characteristic even more in demand than the caloric content or the organic label.
In terms of color, the solution preferred by consumers was the use of vegetable-based colorants such as turmeric and chlorophyll.
At IMBAREX we have a portfolio of natural colorants suitable for any type of food. Contact us here so that our group of experts can help you with your coloring requirements.

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