Food Additives: colorants

aditivos alimentarios colorantes

Many people hear about food additives without knowing exactly what they mean. They are always associated with preservatives and food-altering chemicals. However, they are not all the same, and in fact there are some that are even healthy.

In short, food additives are external components of food, which are added for different functions: to preserve the food longer, to enhance its taste, to change the colour, to give texture, to maintain the temperature, etc. The additives are not intended to add or change the nutritional characteristics of the food.

There are 10 types of food additives:
1. Preservatives
2. Flavourings
3. Dyes
4. Antioxidants
5. Stabilizers
6. Acidulants
7. Flavor enhancers
8. Sweeteners
9. Modified starches
10. Enzyme preparations

At IMBAREX, we work on the production of colouring additives, which enhance colour and give food a more aesthetic and appetizing appearance. Some of the colorants we work with are:
– Cochineal carmine
– Extract from annatto
– Paprika extract
– Curcumin
– Chlorophyll

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