Food Coloring in Alcoholic Beverages

colorante Alimentario en Bebidas Alcoholicas

The alcoholic beverage market is in constant growth, where consumption is undergoing a drastic change, where color and flavor are two major attributes. Food coloring or vegetable concentrates can help make beverages eye-catching and colorful.

With the growing trend toward natural products and “better for you” formulations, taste and convenience are important factors in the modern marketplace and in responding to trends. Where some seltzers look like sparkling water, others feature bright colors or pastels that complement their flavors. As low-alcohol, low-calorie beverages appeal to more conscious consumers, it is of paramount importance to use a color solution with clean labeling to enhance their appeal.

It is clear that color-rich products are being adopted to create products that deliver multi-sensory experiences, with color being the first attribute considered by consumers to evaluate a product. That is why for a correct coloring of your products we recommend a personalized consultation with one of our representatives where we will recommend the right product for your needs, click on the following LINK.



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