Food Colors and Natural Dyes

food colors and natural dyes

When it comes to the food additives, colors, pigments and dyes must be natural, clean and safe to consume

In IMBAREX, we make sure your products get the highest quality of additives and colorants, since the consumer is going to eat it and digest it. We know that people take health very seriously, and for us, it is no joke either. So, we provide natural and harmless dyes for food, with no synthetic additives or toxic compound mixes, never the less, ther are also very tough when it comes to resistance to external factor such as light, air and heat. So, even if your product are exposed to any of this elements, our additives won’t lose color nor consistency in any adverse situation.

IMBAREX produces and supplies a range of food colors that go from a diversity of reds from cochineal carmine, passing through a yellow-orange from Achiote extract, to an intense green colorant from clorophyll.

Although this colors are mainly used in the food industry, we also supply to many other companies in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and bakery industries. For example, Carmine is also used for lip-gloss and make up, to give that blood-red like color. Achiote extract is used to give a yellow color in pills, capsules and other medications. Paprika oleoresin is used to color cheeses, egg yolks, juices, spices, sauces and other mixes.

As you can see, in IMBAREX we provide natural and quality dyes for food and other products, knowing that health and efficiency is our clients aim, and so is ours. For more information, please CONTACT US.

Carmine in cosmetic industry Natural Dyes for food from oleoresin paprika Chlorophyl Colorant



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