Fortified Beverages with Natural Colorants

fortified beverages with natural colorants

There continues to be strong interest in fortified products that not only quench thirst, but also provide wellness values, from beverage consumers. Attributes such as added vitamins, zero sugars and antioxidants are attracting consumers to this growing market for functional and better-for-you beverages.

But it is not only this that is attracting consumers, it is also the colors that are used that also convey a message, such as the color yellow, which conveys a message of immunity, being associated with superfoods. Colors such as orange are also used, which transmits an improvement in the consumer’s mood, as it is a happy tone that is related to joy for buyers. On the other hand we have red, which transmits hydration to consumers and is widely used in sports drinks. Finally we have the color violet, a color that transmits to the consumer an idea of health consciousness as it contains antioxidants and vitamins.

As we can see, it is possible to transmit feelings to the consumer through the colors of fortified beverages, and with all the trend of consuming natural products, using natural colorants is not a bad idea at all. That is why we invite you to click on the following LINK to contact a sales representative and indicate the best option for you.



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