Heat Stable Colorants

colorantes naturales estables al calor

Sometimes, some of our clients need heat-stable supplies to make their products. We have different options in our portfolio for them.

Though all our products have the ability to resist heat flow, some are more thermal resistant than others.

Carmine is the most heat-resistant product in our portfolio. Extracted from cochineal, this color is known in the food industry for its excellent light stability and for bearing 130 degrees Celsius in all its forms: liquid, water-soluble, lacquer or carminic acid.

This product’s flexibility allows different color variations, providing a wide range that goes from pink to violet. For this reason, most cold cuts producers request it, since this industry usually makes mixtures at high temperatures.

Besides carmine, we have other natural colors that are highly thermal resistant, such as annatto, paprika, hibiscus, chlorophyll and curcumin. All of these supplies can bear up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Among the products we offer, carmine is one of the most popular colors, not only for its thermal resistance, but also because it is easy to apply. Besides, it is also highly requested – specially in the meat industry – due to its typical intense red color, which can change to pink and purple shades after a process of elaboration. It is also frequently used in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries. If you want to know more about the products and services Imbarex offers, contact our sales team here.



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