Delivery of orders in our international branch offices worldwide

envíos en nuestras sedes internacionales

One of our main goals is to attend our customers on time, therefore we always keep stock of the most demanded products in our strategically located international distribution centers.

In IMBAREX Europe, located in Spain, we handle lead times according to the needs of our customers by keeping an appropriate stock at our international distribution centers. IMBAREX deliveries are efficient since our products are ready, just waiting to be dispatched. In this way, we assure a continuous supply of our products on time.

From our branch in Barcelona the delivery time would be around one week at the latest, it will depend of the location of our customers. If they are in Spain or inside the European Community we can do local or Intra–community sales, respectively. Also, from this branch we can attend our customers located around the world.

Regarding our branch in Mexico, we offer local distribution. It means that the orders of our customers will be attended rather quickly in order to avoid import and customs clearance process.

In the case of our Brazilian Branch we choose Sao Paulo, a well-known commercial city that let us reach all customers in Brazil. Its Logistics responds to a dynamic and process similar to Mexico. It is important to remark that our local distribution let our customers feel free about all tedious customs procedures. If you want more information about us and our products contact us here. 



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